Saturday, 8 June 2013

Inner Temples and Inner Landscapes

I went to a Moot on Sunday where the discussion was about inner temples and landscapes, a topic I was vaguely aware of but had not really given much thought in the past. Many of you probably know what I am referring to but for those who don't I'll give a brief explanation.

The inner temple and landscape are the places we create in our mind that we visit during meditation. Whilst there we can gain answers by meeting with our ancestors, deities or with spirits. Alternatively it is the place we go to in order to hear our subconscious mind tell us the things we didn't know we knew. For some it is the safe place they begin all meditations and path workings from. Others see it as a sacred space which is separate from our outer reality. However we use it, the idea is we create it in our minds and it is a space that remains fairly consistent once we have finished creating.

As I listened to the people at the moot talk I have to admit I was interested enough to listen politely but it was not something I planned to think much more about. Apparently my subconscious has other ideas however as it has become something I have found myself thinking about whenever I have a spare moment. I have begun to work on my and started by thinking about how it might look.

My landscape is a beach where I will find myself sat on the sand facing the sea. To my left is a long, seemingly unending cliff that curves out of sight. To my right there is an path leading up a small incline. At the top of the path is a Greek style temple, which appears to be made of marble and has two large wooden doors at the front. On the door is a large silver knocker which, when knocked in the right way, opens the doors to the temple. I haven't yet been in to the temple as I am still perfecting my landscape. I do know that I would like things in there to represent the four elements. I would also like some kind of seating for deity , spirits etc to appear in and I would like an altar on which to leave any offerings I bring.

I think one of the things I really love about the idea, other than having a safe place to visit, is that the potential to create something truly beautiful and meaningful is only limited by your imagination. The possibilities are endless and there will always be room to grow and adapt the space as my path grows and changes.
Does anyone else have a space they are willing to share? Is anyone inspired to create their own?

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