Sunday, 12 May 2013

PBP- J is for Journaling

I have always liked to write and for as long as I can remember I have kept a journal of one kind or another. Sometimes they have been on the PC or online but as a general rule I find pen to paper the most enjoyable way to keep track of my thoughts. I also have to confess I have never been one to write on a daily basis, I tend to write only when I feel I have something to say. Lately I have been looking at my journal as a way to process past pain and so a lot of my writing has been about things that happened many years ago.

As part of compiling my BoS I have been looking at the Delphic Maxims, and the most famous one of all is probably “Know Yourself”. I think this is an excellent goal for all individuals, not just pagans, and journaling is a great way to really do this, but only if you allow yourself to be 100% honest about your thoughts and feelings.

I am not an overly sharing person as a general rule, I am very private and I prefer to keep certain things to myself. When I sit down to write in my journal I make a promise to myself that it is the one place I will truly be honest, it will be the place I use to get my thoughts out of my head and in to the world. I know no one is ever going to read it but me so I allow whatever is in my mind to spew on to the page. It is not always easy, it is definitely not always fun, but it really does help. I have learnt so much about myself by writing ‘stuff’ down and re-reading it later. I have let go of so much tension and pain by writing it down and forgetting about it. I have ranted. I have rambled. I have questioned my own sanity. I have noted details of amazing experiences so that I may re-live them whenever I choose.

My journal is my confident, my best friend, my worst enemy and my soul-mate all rolled in to one. I don’t think I could function without one, and I think it is an important part of my journey to really know myself.    

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