Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Hanged Man- A New Perspective

The Hanged Man (Robin Wood Tarot)

No= 3
Astrological Sign= Water/Neptune
Hebrew Letter= Mem
Keywords/Phrases= Reversal. Slowed action. Limbo. Taking your time. A testing period. A lesson to be learnt. Cosmic consciousness. Enlightenment. A unique viewpoint. A new angle. Spiritual attunement. Selflessness. Sacrifice. Commitment. Dedication. Flexibility. Adaptability. Readjustment. Stasis. Calm. Reflection. Serenity. Higher wisdom. Mysticism. Devotion. 

3= Joy, procreation, completion, parenthood, unfolding, recreation, romance, travel, pleasure, happiness, enthusiasm, planning, preparation, optimism, imagination, fun, entertainment, art, talent, creativity, adaptability, self-expression

Water= Transformation, subconscious, fertilisation, purification, reflection, intuition, renewal, blessing, motion, life

Neptune= Dreams, intuition, psychic ability, invention, magic, perception, psychology, philosophy, esotericism, occult, imagination, mysticism, emotion, shadow 

Mem= Water. Passive resistance. Perfection. Completion. Reflection. 

The main colours are Brown, White, Red and Green; 

Brown= Stability, common sense, dependable, security, practicality, grounding, orderly, earthly, protection

White= Purity, illumination, daylight, joy, happiness, life, truth, openness, enlightenment

Red= Life, force, desire, action, vitality, strength, energy, courage, aggression, sex, wounds, death, passion 

Green= New life, hope, serenity, fertility, growth, safety, security, abundance, health, youth, vitality

the fools journey= the fool comes to appreciate the need to let go, to avoid living in a materialistic rut, and to seek other perspectives.


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