Sunday, 17 March 2013

Death- Major Transformation

Death (Robin Wood Tarot)
No= 4
Astrological Sign= Scorpio
Hebrew Letter= Nun
Keywords/Phrases= Necessary and profound change. Liberation. Dawning of a new era. Leaving the past behind. End of a cycle and the start of a new one. Death of the old self. Empowerment. Rebirth. Renewal. Transition. Cleansing. Purging. Revitalisation. Inevitable endings. Change of status. Marriage. Divorce. Leaving home. Relocation. Spiritual regeneration. Reincarnation.

4= Business, security, construction, property, organisation, routine, perseverance, discipline, efficiency, memory, will, effort, energy, challenge, hard work, order, logic, measurement, reason, stability, method, restrictions, limitations, accuracy, systematisation, classification, productivity, management, dependability, pragmatism, service, firm foundations

Scorpio= Loyal, passionate, observant, resourceful, dynamic, jealous, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative, unyielding

Nun= Fish. Emergence. Source. Life. Potentiality. Deliverance. Reversibility. Activity

The main colours are Red, Black, Green and White;

Red- Life, force, desire, action, vitality, strength, energy, courage, aggression, sex, wounds, death, passion

Black- Death, endings darkness, mystery, the occult, destruction, resurrection, negativity, sin, materialism, ignorance

Green- New life, hope, serenity, fertility, growth, safety, security, abundance, health, youth, vitality

White- Purity, illumination, daylight, joy, happiness, life, truth, openness, enlightenment

White Rose= Purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, reverence, humility, youthfulness

Yellow butterfly= Illumination, intellect, caution, the will, masculine power, resurrection, transition, celebration, lightness, time, soul

the fools journey= the fool learns the lesson that unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it cannot grow. This card is about transition, transformation, renewal, death of the old, purification, and significant change

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