Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wheel of Fortune- A Change for the Better

Wheel of Fortune (Robin Wood Tarot)

Number= 1
Astrological Sign= Jupiter
Hebrew Letter= Gimel 
Keywords/Phrases= Good luck. Advancement. Opportunity. Important developments. Improvements. Rapid change. The upside of a cycle. Fate. Destiny. Progress. New doors open. Ups-&-downs of fortune. Tao. A fortunate turn of events. A lucky break. Improving circumstances. Gambling. Games of chance. Karma. 

1= Start of a cycle, singularity, initiation, fresh action, originality, progress, ambition, courage, exciting change, planting seeds, new ventures, inner strength, conviction, decisiveness, confidence, leadership, aggressive energy, independence, individuality 

Jupiter= Expansion, lucky breaks, generosity, life purpose, blessings, optimism, prosperity

Gimel= Camel. Nourishment. Reward & Punishment. Increase. Conduit. Kindness. Completion. Act. Opening. 

The main colours are Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, White and Grey; 

Green= New life, hope, serenity, fertility, growth, safety, security, abundance, health, youth, vitality

Orange= Pride, ego, splendour, ambition, authority, decisiveness, vitality, force

Blue= Spirit, idealism, contemplation, reflection, emotion, the unconscious, devotion, feelings, intuition

Yellow= Illumination, intellect, caution, the will, masculine power

White= Purity, illumination, daylight, joy, happiness, life, truth, openness, enlightenment

Grey= Mourning, grief, sadness, penitence, depression, wisdom born of experience, reconciliation 

the Fools journey= the fool learns that much of life is random and unpredictable, full of ups and downs. He cannot take any day for granted as it may be his last. He comes to appreciate the workings of fate and karma.

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