Friday, 1 February 2013

PBP- C is for Coven

Many years ago I joined a newly forming coven put together by a couple who had a combined experience of about 45 years. The group was made up of 5 people who had known each other for many years. It should have been a positive experience, one that fostered a safe environment to grow spiritually. It wasn't!

What it quickly became was an excuse for the couple to exercise power and superiority over the three of us with less experience. You didn't have to agree with everything they said, but if you didn't you were wrong. There was little to no room for independent thought. There was no room for creativity. There was no safe space. Unsurprisingly we disbanded after a couple of months and I swore I would never be part of a coven again. 

Fast-forward 6 years and I have been invited to join another newly formed coven. This one is currently made up of 5 women who have all met through the local moot. They meet for Sabbats, for assisting each other with spell work and for healing rituals. They also spend time together in a purely social setting when they can. Despite my previous experience I have accepted their invitation. 

There are a few reasons for this;
  1. We all have a lot in common and, more importantly, we are aware of and comfortable with our differences. There is room for independent thought. There is room for creativity. It will definitely be a safe space.
  2. I trust these women to respect my personal boundaries, and to make sure I am aware of theirs. I trust that anything I choose to share with them will remain within the coven, and that they will support me any way they can.
  3. Whilst I am happy being solitary, and will continue to work alone, I would like to be part of a group experience. I am generally a pretty social creature and I would like the opportunity to share my spirituality and religious experiences with others.

On Saturday I will be meeting with them for the first time to celebrate Imbolc, and I am both excited and a little nervous. I hope this time around the experience will be a positive one, and I hope that I won’t in some way let them down. 


  1. Merry Meet, I am new to the PBP. Covens are a tricky thing, aren't they?!? It sounds like these women are a good bunch, I wish you light and love.

  2. I hope your celebration went well! Good luck with the new coven!