Sunday, 24 February 2013

Justice- Being Judged

Justice (Robin Wood Tarot)

Numbers= 2 & 11
Astrological sign= Libra
Hebrew letter= Lamed
Keywords/phrases= Legal affairs. Equilibrium. Harmony. Restoration of balance. Fairness. Arbitration. Neutrality. Impartiality. Order restored. Strategy. Accountability. Integrity. Examination of conscience. Clear vision. Rationality. A just outcome. Law & order. 

Whilst reading about this card I received a very strong sense of Athena, who I then discovered was a Goddess of justice tempered with mercy. This was not something I had come across before and it was exciting to have my connection/feeling verified. 

2= Balance, choice, harmony, moderation, pairs of opposites, duality, polarity, partnership, friendship, relationships, group activities, cultivation, reflection, development, affection, affirmation, patience, quiet waiting, tending the garden, cooperation, diplomacy, tact, persuasion, sympathy, devotion, working with others. 

11= Insight, spiritual understanding, inspiration, awareness, revelation, illumination, intuition, creativity, idealism, teaching, wisdom, compassion, enlightenment.

Libra= Diplomatic, urbane, romantic, charming, easygoing, sociable, idealistic, peaceable, indecisive, changeable, gullible, easily influenced, self-indulgent

Lamed= Ox Goad. Equilibration. Learning. Teaching. Purpose. Supportive structure

The main colours in this card are Red, Green, Purple, Gold and Silver

Red= Life, force, desire, action, vitality, strength, energy, courage, aggression, sex, wounds, death, passion

Green= New life, hope, serenity, fertility, growth, safety, security, abundance, health, youth, vitality

Purple= Power, pomp, pride, justice, esoteric understanding

Gold= Attainment, illumination, success, glory, radiance, the divine

Silver= Mystery, reflection, hidden knowledge, the goddess within, feminine intuition, emotions, inner life, psychic ability

Two pillars = the middle ground between two extremes

Sword= Aggression, protection, courage, strength, action, justice, leadership, decision, duplicity

Scales= Justice, balance

Laurel wreath= Strength, victory, power

the fools journey= despite the randomness of the universe, there is a certain justice or fairness in its structure that reflects a need for balance and harmony within our lives. The Justice card reinforces the lesson that our actions have consequences for which we are held accountable. 

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