Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Hermit- Searching Within

The Hermit- Robin Wood Tarot

Number= 9
Astrological Sign= Virgo
Hebrew Letter= Yod 
Keywords/Phrases= Contemplation. Meditation. Becoming centred. Quiet study. Self-discovery. Keeping to yourself. Patience. Discretion. Prudent reflection. Time spent alone. Withdrawing from society. Thoughtful planning. Deliberation. Inner guidance. Counselling. Self-examination. Reassessment. Discovery. Wisdom. Forethought. Old age. Sanctuary. Inner understanding. Pondering life's mysteries. A quiet spell. Patient waiting. Atonement. 

9= Completion, perfection, purification, giving, detachment, attainment, transition, conclusion, termination, ending, compassion, clearing the decks, finishing matters, forgiveness, charity, teaching, counselling, selfless giving, brotherhood, humanitarian ideals, release, letting go. 

Virgo= Analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, precise, sceptical, fussy, inflexible, cold, interfering 

Yod= Hand. Existence. Spirituality. Individual. Giving. Receiving. Attainment. Manifestation. Will. Order.

The main colour are blue, grey, silver and purple; 

Blue= Spirit, idealism, contemplation, reflection, emotion, the unconscious, devotion, feelings, intuition. 

Grey= Mourning, grief, sadness, penitence, depression, wisdom born of experience, reconciliation

Silver= Mystery, reflection, hidden knowledge, the goddess within, feminine intuition, emotions, inner life, psychic ability

There are also two very small, but very eye-catching, flashes of red within the card; 

Red= Life, force, desire, action, vitality, strength, energy, courage, aggression, sex, wounds, death, passion

the Fools journey= the fool learns to look within, to meditate, to reflect in solitude, to trust ones inner guidance

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