Sunday, 13 January 2013

PBP- A is for Athena

A while back, when my blog had a different name and an unknown purpose, I wrote a post for Aphrodite. She is only one of two Goddesses that call to me and I would like to take the time to write a similar post for Athena. This post will include UPG and not everyone is going to agree with the way I see her.

Athena appears to me as a tall, slim woman in a long white robe covered by a silver breastplate. Her hair is short and dark, her eyes are grey. On her head she wears a battle helmet; in her hands she carries a spear and a shield.

Athena was Zeus’ favourite, born from him alone. The story of her birth is one of her well-known myths and can be found here.. She is the goddess of wise counsel, war, the defence of towns, heroic endeavour  weaving, pottery and other crafts. She is also a virgin Goddess.  She encourages me to be a strong, independent women; one who does not need a man by my side. She helps me to embrace my more aggressive, logical, studious side.My knitting and cross-stitch works are begun in dedication to Her.

Another of her more famous myths is how she became the protector of Athens. This can be found here. She fought with the Athenians in battle and accompanied many Greek heroes on their adventures.

Symbols of Athena
General:- Sun, golden shield and helmet, spear, spindle, bowl, intertwined snakes, the Parthenon, the seven auras, the number 7
Animals:- Owl (wisdom), dove (victory), ram, eagle, tiger, leopard, other cats
Plants:- Geranium, tiger lily, oak, cypress, olive tree, hellebore,  citrus trees
Perfumes/Scents:- Patchouli, dragons blood, musk, indigo, orange blossom, cinnamon, cederwood
Gems/Metals:- Onyx, ruby, star sapphire, turquoise, gold, lapis lazuli, ivory
Colours:- Gold, orange, yellow, emerald green, royal blue 

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